Viña Tamm was born with the intention of continuing with a tradition of worship to these lands, which dates back to the 13th century in Germany and which Don Germán Tamm Schleyer came to realize in Chile in 1884. From then until the day of Today, the Tamm Family has been dedicated to the fascinating care and cultivation of vineyards in the lands of Chile, particularly the Colchagua Valley, where the vineyard is located, one of the most outstanding areas of the country in the world. refers to the planting of vines.

Our Vision is based on teamwork, in order to achieve a virtual scenario, which represents a single large vineyard and high quality vineyards.


We are a multidisciplinary team of people who contribute their passion day by day, to achieve a wine with essence and spirit of its own.

Andrés Tamm P.

General Manager

Roberto Tamm W.


Macarena Olea Celsi

Commercial Manager